Why Lee? Because it’s the best beginning anyone could ever ask for… The people. The places. The hearts… I am convinced that had it not been for Lee and the time I spent here during my first two years in the US of A, I would not be where and who I am today… So many have come from this town and done great things, for their lives and others. And I’m certain somewhere in their hearts, just like yours and mine, Lee has a very special place, as a “home away from home”… The love and acceptance for who you are and what you have become are things that make Lee and its people so rich.

Nicole Phan ’04

Headmaster Gus LeBlanc


Located in beautiful rural Maine, Lee Academy is a special place with a supportive and caring culture of high expectations where each student is recognized as a unique, independent learner. Providing world-class curriculum which is project-based and student-centered, delivered by dedicated and highly skilled teachers, Lee Academy supports a unique and dynamic learning environment which allows students to grow as part of a challenging and encouraging community of learners.

Gus LeBlanc, Headmaster