About Lee Academy

ESTABLISHED IN 1845, Lee Academy is a fully accredited, co-educational secondary school, serving grades 9 – 13. We prepare students for life and for continuing their education. We are situated in New England, the northeast corner of the United States near Canada, the North Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains. Our campus is located in rural Maine, a cherished destination for those who seek wilderness rivers, placid lakes, lush forests and the abundance of outdoor activities that accompany them.


The rural culture of the school and its long history of caring relationships creates a close knit community of warm friendly people. Although LA is located in a rural setting, students frequently have opportunity to travel to urban areas, allowing them diverse experiences. Lee Academy has enriched the lives of its students for nearly 175 years and proudly continues this tradition today.


Who We Are

At Lee Academy, we foster individual excellence and personal growth through the acquisition of skills and knowledge. Working together, we promote kinship, respect and success throughout the school community.

Birds-eye view

Where We Are

Located exactly midway between the equator and the North Pole, Lee Academy is within short distance of Mt. Katahdin (the highest mountain in Maine and the northernmost point of the famed Appalachian Trail), Acadia National Park, the lakes region of eastern Maine and the North Atlantic Coast.

We are:

  • less than an hour from the University of Maine, the largest campus of the UMaine system, where world class arts and entertainment, excellent library and research resources, and the excitement of NCAA Division I athletics are available
  • one hour from Canada
  • one hour from Bangor (Maine’s third largest city)
  • two and a half hours from Portland (Maine’s largest city)
  • five hours from Boston (one of America’s great urban centers and one of its most important cultural areas)

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School Building

How We Operate

Lee Academy is led by a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees that manages policy development, hires personnel and oversees the quality and success of the school. Prospective trustees are invited to serve. They are people from all walks of life and diverse histories which connect them to the school. They are committed to Lee Academy and its mission. They endeavor to lead with their eyes open to both the present and the future, yet with a knowledge of the tradition of service to the community and quality education for its youth that has guided the school since its inception. A Board of Directors is chosen from the Trustees. The directors coordinate daily operations and program development with the Headmaster, in conjunction with other administrative personnel.

Daegu Logo

International Sister School

Daegu International School in Korea is a sister school of Lee Academy. You can visit the official DIS website here.

Our History

Lee Academy was founded in 1845 by strong-minded people who were determined to provide an educational institution for the growing region. We began as a school to train teachers for the many rural schools that dotted the countryside of eastern interior Maine. By the early 1900s, however, the state of Maine had assumed the responsibility of training teachers and the mission of the school shifted. Lee Academy became the major educational institution of the region east of Lincoln and as far as the Canadian border.

The traditions of academic excellence, attention to the needs of the individual student, and a knowledge of our importance to the region have guided the school in its changes and growth.

Lee Academy campus from above Capital improvement plans are made with the above traditions clearly in focus.  Buildings have come and gone in the long history of Lee Academy, but the campus  has always existed in the center of the town of Lee. In early days, education was  both academic and vocational, with students employed in Academy buildings or on  the school farm. Later, as agriculture decreased in the area, emphasis on academics  increased. In modern times, a science building was added (1970), a new classroom  and technical skills building was constructed (1988), and a beautiful 150 year old  former church building was acquired (1996) and renovated to expand the music  department and various special services.

It is an exciting time for Lee Academy. We have always provided an excellent  education and a wonderful opportunity for young people to develop and mature, both intellectually and socially. These goals are the focus of the curriculum and programs and of the quality people who serve both students and the wider Lee Academy community.