Here at Lee Academy, our courses and daily schedule provide an education that is interesting, challenging, and uniquely “you.” Our success in educating students for higher education and the real world has been continuous since 1845. We have educated boarding students since the early 1900’s, and international students since the 1950’s, so we understand diversity and the importance of meeting the various needs of individual learners. Class schedules are individualized and we actively encourage students to take the most challenging courses that they can successfully complete. Our course offerings are varied and rigorous, and each course has a student-centered, project-based focus, including our 15 Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Our Curriculum is:

  • Challenging—courses are both rigorous and interesting, and in all disciplines learning is connected to the skills and knowledge most needed for success in college and life.  Our students are successful learners who achieve at many of America’s finest colleges and universities (see list of enrolled schools, on our “Admissions” page).
  • Focused—our courses focus on essential skills and knowledge, as described by state and national standards and the common sense needs of life in the 21st century.  We help students build a great foundation, and we supplement and differentiate our offerings to fit your intellectual and learning needs.
  • Inspiring—by blending essential skills and knowledge with project-based learning, enthusiastic teachers, and a student-centered philosophy, we inspire and motivate you to use your curiosity and your unique personal gifts to learn fully and deeply.

Our Classes:

  • are student-centered, which means that teachers:
    • frequently ask you to evaluate and reflect on your learning,
    • ensure that you are a producer of knowledge and not only a consumer of what teachers know,
    • give opportunities for you to learn interpersonal and communications skills, as you learn academic skills,
    • differentiate, in various ways, to meet your personal learning needs,
    • develop personal relationships with you to support your learning,
    • provide active learning opportunities through teaching-learning techniques that require you to apply the skills and knowledge you learn.
  • are project-oriented, which means that you:
    • work actively with the essential ideas and skills of each academic discipline—e.g. labs and applications in science and math, debates, role-plays and simulations in the humanities, and the use of assessments that reflect varying learning styles and levels of complexity and kinds of understanding,
    • are an active participant in your own learning.
    • supplement with related opportunities to practice and use your academic skills and knowledge, such as the science Envirothon, our award-winning, competition Math Team, our literary and arts multi-media site known as Entropy, our community service organization, among many others.

A Culture of Academic Support:

  • We believe all students have the capacity to achieve at a high level.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to help you develop your individual strengths and interests and become a life-long learner and contributor.
  • We believe meaningful relationships between students and teachers are essential for genuine learning.
  • All boarding students have evening study hall where knowledgeable dorm parents assist with school work and support your learning.
  • Here on campus, several times each year, we offer the SAT, ACT, and TOEFL tests (and the PSAT.)  We also offer test preparation through after-school seminars, individual sessions, and test-related lessons in our academic courses.   The TOEFL test is an important part of an international student’s application and it is a requirement for admissions consideration at most American colleges and universities.  Learn more about the TOEFL exam HERE.

A Special Note Concerning ESL (English as a Second Language)

The Lee Academy ESL Curriculum teaches speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills—with emphasis on speaking and listening—all taught to achieve these two overarching goals:

  • Academic success in English-speaking classrooms.
  • Effective conversational and social functioning in English-speaking environments.

Our belief is that task-based learning, an outgrowth of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) is the most natural and efficient model for language acquisition.  We believe in student trial-and-error, discovery of meaning, and “hands-on”, practical language use opportunities.  In our ESL classes, we emphasize:

  • experience with real and role-played tasks and situations.
  • teacher and student tolerance of errors—approximations or partial language success is fine, with limited correction; we believe that the most efficient language acquisition is organic and student-centered, and not “step-by-step”.
  • relevance—ESL course topics, teaching techniques, and content are practical and provide learning outcomes which build confidence and which are applicable to daily life,
  • an emphasis on fluency over accuracy.
  • the relationship between the teacher and the individual student in exploring language use.


If you are a Lee Academy graduate or if you simply attended LA and need a copy of your student transcript, please contact Jessica Raymond by email here at