Campus Tour

Photos/description of campus buildings.

Herbert Haynes Academy Building

This main Academy Building is the center of academic life. It was constructed in 1924, after fire destroyed the original Academy Building. It houses classrooms in English, Mathematics, French, Spanish, and History/Social Studies. Central offices and the school library are also located here. The Academy Building was newly renovated in 2010 bringing functionality to this beautiful building. Renovations included an elevator to make the building handicap accessible for the first time ever as well as additional classrooms to better serve our growing student body. Maine-made hardwood floors, high ceilings and expansive windows have preserved the tradition and sense of history that helps make the school unique.

Achorn House – Pineo Admissions Center

Prospective students and their families often see this building first when they visit the school, as the Headmaster, administrative and admissions offices are located here. Newly renovated, in 2001, through the generosity of Paul Pineo and family, this building was once among several small, “one room” schoolhouses in the town of Lee.

Alumni Building

This building, funded largely with donations from the many loyal alumni of Lee Academy, contains traditional classrooms in history and industrial arts, as well as the industrial arts shop area. Built in 1988, it also contains the Special Services/Resource Rooms and a large common room where practical arts are taught.

Cobb Center

Named after philanthropist and school benefactor, Charles Cobb, the Center was originally a Baptist Church which dated to the 1830’s. The building was acquired by the Academy in 1996. The annex and lower floor now house a computer lab, art rooms, and office space. Band and chorus activities are held in the former sanctuary. During the summer of 2007, five dorm rooms were added to this property.


Acquired in 1882, this was the headmaster’s residence for many years. Originally located elsewhere in town, it was once a blacksmith’s shop! It was moved, with horses, to its present location, many years ago and today houses faculty/staff and students.

Dining Hall

Formerly the Jaehne hunting lodge, this newly renovated (2000) structure is the school dining room. With its stone fireplace, hardwood floors, and expanded seating for 100, it is the gastronomic center of the Lee Academy universe!

Dingley Auditorium and Science Building

Biological and physical science classrooms are located on the main floor, as is a 16×28 foot greenhouse. The lower floor contains a 300-seat auditorium, stage and dressing facilities. Also located on this floor is the only planetarium, north of the University of Maine, in the state. This building was constructed in 1967. The building was named in honor of former headmaster and loyal community member, Fred Dingley.

Haskell House

As a result of the dramatic growth of our boarding program Lee Academy purchased the former Haskell Store in July of 2006. Located adjacent to campus, the house now hosts 16 female students and 3 faculty members. The former store has been converted to a recreation room, laundry, faculty apartment and computer lab (with wireless internet). The upstairs has 3 bathrooms, kitchen, computer area, and student rooms.

Mallett and McDonald Gyms

Lee Academy has two gymnasiums and a weight room, as well as offices, locker, and storage rooms, in the Mallett/McDonald gym complex, which sits on the site of the original Academy building. The McDonald Gym, completed as a WPA (Works Progress Administration) project during the American economic depression of the 1930’s, provides practice facilities and the location of school dances. The Mallett Gym, constructed in 1978 is used for basketball games and for assemblies and special presentations. A renovation of Mallett Gym occurred in 2006.

Two soccer fields, one of the finest baseball fields in eastern Maine, a softball field, and a wooded cross-country course comprise the other athletic facilities.

MacDonald House

Located next door to the main Academy building, the former MacDonald residence provides housing to 6 female students and 2 staff members. This New England farmhouse provides a home like atmosphere for student living. The second floor houses student rooms and a bath, while the main floor consists of a living room, computer area (with wireless internet), kitchen, dorm parent bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room.

Pottle House

Formerly a homestead in town, this “old New England farmhouse” was recently demolished and rebuilt through a grant the local health center, Health Access Network, had acquired. Starting in September of 2013 it will contain a state of the art health center for all Lee Academy students, as well as all area residents. It will also house the school’s medical director, Aaron Knowles.

Pickering House

The Pickering House is a newer addition to the Lee Academy family of dormitories. Located on the Arab Road and purchased in 2011, from a Lee Academy alumni, it houses five male students and one set of dorm parents. There is a living area, full kitchen, bathroom, laundry area and bedrooms on the first floor. On the second floor there is another full bathroom and additional bedrooms.

Weymouth Hall

Dedicated in honor of Effie Weymouth in 1949 through the generosity of Dr. George Averill and Harry L. Weymouth, and extensively renovated in 2000, Weymouth Hall is the largest of Lee Academy’s dormitories. It accomodates 44 students on two floors, with a common first floor that includes a kitchen, recreation and study rooms, and a weight room. Housing for dormitory staff is located on each student floor.