Check out Entropy

The latest edition of Entropy is amazing! 🐼 Check it out here: Entropy Semester 1 17-18

Entropy has been a student magazine at Lee Academy for over a quarter century now, and according to Advisor Mr. Matt Rich, “While I don’t know the history of the name I have always been interested in the idea of using a term referring to the tend toward disorder to describe the arts. Whatever the reason for our namesake, we have accepted our mission to help promote and present the art that happens on campus. We have a large number of creative students and I think that giving them a vehicle to share their work with the school community is a powerful thing. The magazine is student designed, propagated, edited, and produced. We have social media sites that help to promote and share smaller bits of art and writing that we see through the year.”

The magazine is published twice a school year and publishes all of the submissions and posts from the semester. The magazine is free and copies are available in the LA library. Digital copies are also available upon request by emailing