Robotics Club

Stephen Kennedy and Steve Larrivee like technology. Mr. Kennedy (IT Director at Lee Academy) and Mr. Larrivee (Department of Mathematics at Lee Academy) particularly like robots. In an effort to bring robotics to Lee Academy, Mr. Kennedy and Mr.Larrivee introduced an after school robotic program. Funding the program primarily by themselves, they bought the necessary electronic components to begin the assemblage of some very cool little robots. Mr. Larrivee, seeing the need to further this endeavor, donated a 3D printer to the school so that the students could eventually design and print their own robotics components. Mr. Kennedy has continued to provide motors and servers required to run these bots.

Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Larrivee believe in a different approach to high school robotics. They believe in teaching the students from the ground up, instead of buying kits. Each student is responsible for etching  their own circuit boards, soldering their own components, and designing and assembling their own parts. When complete, the students are expected to program their own robots to perform various tasks. We believe that robotics should be an all-encompassing endeavor. Students learn the math, the skills, and the thought process that goes into designing a successful robot.