Staff Spotlight: Mike Bennett

Mr. Mike Bennett has been at Lee Academy since the fall of 2014.  He has taught AP Psychology and Math, been a dorm parent, and has been the head coach of the girls basketball team (which this past season won the MPA Sportsmanship Award). This year he will be the Residential Life Supervisor in addition to being the Media Center Supervisor, Girls Basketball Coach, and Geometry teacher. He and his family have settled into The Hillman House and he has been already been working to update the Media Center and to plan campus-wide student activities.

1According to Mr. Bennett, “My wife and I are extremely grateful for the opportunity to be in this position and to live on campus this year. We are excited about this school year. There is a lot to look forward to and we are glad to part of it.

“This year, one thing I desire to do is to motivate students to try. I want them to try things they have never tried before like eating a Maine lobster, or going hiking, or paddle a canoe for the first time. I want them to try and push themselves academically and challenge themselves to a greater level than they have in the past. Fighting against apathy and the status quo, in favor of passion and energy.

“To some extent, the human brain is like a giant sponge. Except it has an on/off switch. We can choose to turn our minds on to learning and growing or we can shut them off and prevent both. My goal this year is to help engage our students to turn on their minds, that they may learn and grow to their fullest potential.

“I am looking forward to our school and staff providing ample opportunities for students to learn and grow by experiencing the world in various ways. But the challenge to the students is for them to try. And at the end of the year I will be anxious to see how it goes for them and for us.”

We are very excited to have Mr. Bennett and his family continue to be a part of the Lee Academy family in this new role.