Why choose Lee Academy?

What’s so great about Lee Academy?

At a Meet-and-Greet in Portland in December, these four current international students met with Lee Academy Alumni and answered questions the alumni had about the school in the 21st century.  Here are the students’ responses to the following question:  What are your initial impressions of Lee Academy having been here for a while?

Ana Carolina de Souza Medeiros Japur  (Brazil)

When I came to Lee Academy I was very scared that I would not fit in.  Being in a foreign country is not easy, but already on the first day they made me feel at home.  Everyone was polite and caring, and the school’s atmosphere is one of safety.  Living here has been an amazing experience that has definitely made me a better person and helped me to realize the importance of accepting differences in others.

College plan:  Study Journalism


Luan Quang Kinh Tran “Max” (Vietnam)

First thing is that everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. I have made friends not only with international students, who come from over twenty countries around the world, but also with the local students.  Everyone is so welcoming and supportive that my adaptation to the new school, new environment, and new country was really easy and rather quick.  Another impression of Lee academy is the rural environment.  The rural environment may not suit everyone, but for me Lee is the perfect place to study with its quiet environment and beautiful scenery.

College plan: Study Environmental Engineering

Jovan Sakovic (Serbia)

A first glance, a classic teenager might think Lee is a boring place where there is not much to do.  At least that is what I thought. However, when I got to meet the people from the Academy, I figured out that I wouldn’t need anything else.  Spending two years in in this beautiful area of Maine with the most welcoming people made this such an enjoyable experience.  Not only did I go through a period of great personal growth, but I have met a lot of wonderful people who all share one admirable trait; they are always eager to give back to the community and that is why I grew to love Lee and would recommend it to any high school student looking to study in the U. S.  Moreover, the school staff is extremely engaged in the search for the right university. 

College plan:  Study Artificial Intelligence

Dana Eberhard (Germany)

At first, I was a little afraid to be away from my family and I did not know if I could learn the language quickly.  But with the welcoming and kind way of the people helped me.  Lee felt like home really quick.

College plan:  Study Law